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The Finnish Museum of Technology is located in beautiful old buildings at Arabianranta, Helsinki

We take care of our heritage

Technology is a fundamental part of our entire society. Without documenting and researching industrial cultural heritage, it’s impossible to know the past, understand the present or aim for the future. Knowledge of industrial cultural heritage helps us all to understand our society as a whole.

As a National Responsible Museum in its field (valtakunnallinen vastuumuseo) the Museum of Technology is an organisation where we document Finnish industrial cultural heritage for the use of the public and for research purposes. This is done, for example, through exhibitions, services, communication and online collections.

Our work strengthens the science capital of individuals and groups alike, providing deeper understanding on how to interpret and use information on the different topics of science.

Donations to the collection

The museum’s collection includes nearly 19,000 objects and plenty of image and archival materials. Because of this, only part of the offered donations can be added to our collection, and donations always require prior agreement. The coverage of background information and, for example, the condition of the material affect the evaluation of donation offers. Museums also cooperate by sharing storage responsibilities. The Museum of Technology does not make collection purchases.

The Museum of Technology offers its expertise in collection and cultural heritage issues to companies and communities as an expert service.

Contemporary documentation

Museums not only record the phenomena of the past, but also the phenomena of the moment and the time at hand – this is called contemporary documentation. The subject of contemporary documentation can be an everyday phenomenon, for example the use of social media, or a broader theme such as freedom, consumption or happiness – linked to the topics of technology. Documentantion for the collection can be done, for example, by photographs, interviews, surveys, images or object collection. We announce opportunities to participate in contemporary documentation on our website and in social media.

Do you have an interesting contemporary documentation object or research question to suggest? Send us email to kokoelmatiedustelut@tekniikanmuseo.fi

Our Collection

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Collection Services

Image Services

You can familiarise yourself with the digitised images of the Museum of Technology’s image and object collections in Finna. Through Finna image-specific inquiries and feedback are directed to our Collection team. The possibility of using collection images is determined by copyright and possible material-specific usage restrictions.

Parts of the image service are chargeable. The price is affected by the purpose of the image usage and possible additional work, for example re-digitising the images. When publishing pictures, the Museum of Technology and the name of the photographer must be mentioned as the source.

Inquiries about collection images: kokoelmatiedustelut@tekniikanmuseo.fi.

Photographing the collection items

The Museum of Technology offers opportunity to photograph collection items at our collection facilities. The price of this service is determined by the work required, based on hourly billing. Filming permits for the museum’s public spaces are arranged with our service team.

Inquiries about photographing our collection items: kokoelmatiedustelut@tekniikanmuseo.fi

Filming permits in public spaces: info@tekniikanmuseo.fi

Loans from the Museum’s collection

As a rule, the Museum of Technology lends collection items only for the use of other professionally managed museums. You can find more detailed information about the lending principles in our collection policy program (Museum’s Publicatons)

Inquiries: kokoelmatiedustelut@tekniikanmuseo.fi



Our Archive and library

It’s possible to get archival materials and library books for examination by prior arrangement. This is done by submitting a material inquiry. The visiting time must be arranged well in advance. Archive materials and books are not lent outside the Museum of Technology.

Inquiries: kokoelmatiedustelut@tekniikanmuseo.fi

The Museum of Technology offers the opportunity to photograph collection items in the collection facilities.

Collection Services for companies and communities

The Museum of Technology offers its expertise in collection and cultural heritage issues to companies and communities as a service. We do consulting work as part of our National Responsible Museum tasks, and tailor individually priced projects to identify, document and preserve the technological heritage or industrial cultural heritage of companies and communities.


Head of Collections, Emilia Västi