Our work strengthens the science capital of individuals and groups alike, providing deeper understanding on how to interpret and use information on the different topics of science.

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The Museum of Technology is the nationally responsible museum in the field of technology, which has extensive collections of technical and industrial objects and images. The basis of the operation is the statutory societal mission to support democracy, community, and the preservation of cultural heritage for future generations. The museum’s activity supports the growth of scientific knowledge and equal opportunities for citizens to act as part of the field of science, technology, and shared cultural heritage.

How your donation helps

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

The maintenance of large machines and delicate materials within the collections requires care. Professional expertise, space, and logistics are essential for the professional management of an extensive collection. The need to improve collection storage facilities is obvious. The likely relocation of the collections would require significant resources for organizational work before the actual move.

Inspiring Learning Environment

The Museum of Technology supports school education, the development of scientific knowledge, and the acquisition of skills through high-quality technology education services. The museum is an out-of-classroom learning environment, where you can diversify and deepen the teaching of different contents.

Equal Access to Information

Weekly pay what you want day, Junior Card, guided tours included in the ticket price, workshops, and evolving digital content make the museum’s offerings more customer-oriented and accessible.

Contemporary Documentation

The Museum of Technology fulfills its mission by documenting phenomena and innovations in technology and industry that are relevant to our time. This documentation aims to make these aspects accessible and memorable for current and future generations. Your support makes this possible.

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Donation deduction for companies and organizations

A donation to the Foundation of the Museum of Technology is not just a financial investment but also an investment in the future and the recognition of Finnish expertise. For a company, it is a concrete way to demonstrate and take on social responsibility in the protection of common cultural heritage. Welcome to support the valuable work of the Museum of Technology.

A community organization can deduct from its income a monetary donation of at least 850 euros and up to 50,000 euros. This deduction is applicable when the donation is made for the purpose of promoting science, art, or preserving Finnish cultural heritage to a foundation designated by the Tax Administration in the European Economic Area. The foundation’s primary goal should be to support science or art or preserve Finnish cultural heritage.

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