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You can contact the Finnish Museum of Technology by phone or email.

Customer Service

Our Customer service team is happy to assist you during our opening hours.
With email you can contact our Service Producers/Educational Curators Maddie Hentunen and Tommi Rikkinen, and our Service team Jaakko, Tanja and Vivi.

Phone: 09 7288 440

Our museum provides interesting and inspiring exhibitions for all ages.


Our museum is committed to work towards more sustainable world. We hope our suppliers join us in our efforts to reduce use of paper by sending invoices in electronic format.

Please use the following e-invoicing information to ensure timely payment:

OVT-code: 003702521651
Operator: Apix Messaging Oy
Operator code: 003723327487

or send PDF invoice by email to:

If you need more information or support regarding invoicing, please do not hesitate to contact our office:
Päivi Kapri
Communications and Financial Specialist
+358 40 586 8617

Our staff


Anssi Tuulenmäki

050 381 9772



regarding collections:


regarding our event venues:


Head of Services Tiina Jantunen

040 585 4309


Service Producer, Educational Curator Maddie Hentunen

050 369 9126


Service Producer, Educational Curator Tommi Rikkinen

050 520 8755


Museum Assistant Thavaraj Thambirajah

Sales and marketing

Head of Sales Jonna Kanervo

040 568 3268



Marketing and Customer understanding Specialist Ilkka Iijalainen

050 437 0824


Communications and Financial Specialist Päivi Kapri

040 586 8617

Collections and Cultural heritage

Head of Collections Emilia Västi

040 586 7014


Researcher Laura Salervo

040 558 6830


Curator Taru Tervo

040 558 9409


Community Manager Riina Linna

040 586 6796


Museum technician Antti Salminen

040 154 3955